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Weymouth Town Vitals to 1850

Vital Records of Weymouth Massachusetts to the Year 1850, Vols. I and II, published by the New England Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund, Boston, Mass., 1910

Weymouth Vital Records Vol. 1 Volume I - BIRTHS:
Births: Abbott - Blanchard
Births: Blanchard - Dyer
Births: Dyer - Hunt
Births: Hunt - Nolen
Births: Norten - Reed
Births: Reed - Tirrell
Births: Tirrell - Whitmarsh
Births: Whitmarsh - Miscellaneous

Weymouth Vital Records Vol. 2 Volume II - MARRIAGES AND DEATHS:
Marriages: Abbot - Coffin
Marriages: Cofran - Hunt
Marriages: Hunt - Pratt
Marriages: Pratt - Turner
Marriages: Turner - Miscellaneous ; Deaths: Abell - Blancher
Deaths: Blancher - Loud
Deaths: Loud - Tirrell
Deaths: Tirrell - Miscellaneous