Historical Sketch of the Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts, from 1622 to 1884, compiled by Gilbert Nash, published by the Town of Weymouth, under the auspices of the Weymouth Historical Society, 1885

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Preface and contents


Chapter 1: Geography - Geology - General History - Weston's Colony - Gorges's Settlement - Hull's Company - Ecclesiastical Troubles - Pequod War - Emigration - Town Government

Chapter 2: King Philip War - Company of Horse - Town Affairs - Sir Edmund Andros - Military Company - Canadian Expedition - Local Matters - Town Boundaries - New Precinct - Dr. White - Town Regulations - Parsonage Property - Pigwacket Indians - Town Commons - Throat Distemper - French and Indian War - French Neutrals - Dr. Tufts - Highways - South Precinct

Chapter 3: Revolutionary War - Arbitrary Measures of the Crown - Agents Chosen to Meet in Boston - Committees of Correspondence - No More Tea - Energetic Action - Record of Votes on the Resolutions of Congress - Refusal to Pay Taxes to the Royal Treasury - Town Committee of Correspondence - Minutemen - Preparations for War - Raising Troops - Declaration of Independence - Bounties - State Convention - State Constitution - Procuring Men and Provisions - Soldiers to Hull

Chapter 4: Recovering from the Effects of War - Work-house - Local Matters - Small-pox - Norfolk County - Attempt to Divide the Town - Business Enterprises - Post Office - War with England [War of 1812] - Alarm at Cohasset - Town Lines - Manufacturing Companies Discouraged - Surplus Revenue - Anti-slavery Resolutions - Town Records - Town Hall - War of the Rebellion [Civil War] - Opening Scenes - Twelfth Regiment - Raising Troops - Military Records - Counties - Thirty-fifth Regiment - Town Bonds and Seal - Forty-second Regiment - Contributions - Difficulties - Fourth Heavy Artillery - Final Attempt to Divide the Town - Soldiers' Monument - Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary - Water Question - Fire Department - Growth of the Town

Chapter 5: Ecclesiastical History - Congregational Churches: First Church

Chapter 6: Congregational Churches (continued): Second Church, Union Church of Weymouth and Braintree, Union Church of South Weymouth, Congregational Church at East Weymouth, Pilgrim Church - Methodist Episcopal: Church at East Weymouth, Church at Lovell's Corner - Universalist: First Church, Second Church, Third Church - Baptist: First Church - Roman Catholic: Parish of St. Francis Xavier, Parish of the Immaculate Conception, Parish of the Sacred Heart, Parish of St. Jerome - Protestant Episcopal: Trinity Parish

Chapter 7: Educational Institutions: Public Schools - Weymouth and Braintree Academy - Newspapers - Weymouth Historical Society - Social Libraries - Mutual Library Associations - Tufts Library

Chapter 8: Military Organizations: Early Companies, Company for the Castle, Weymouth Light Horse, Weymouth Artillery, Weymouth Light Infantry, Franklin Guards, Grand Army of the Republic, Lincoln Post, No. 40, Reynolds Post, No. 58 - Societies and Associations: Masonic: Orphans' Hope Lodge, Delta Lodge, South Shore Commandery, Pentalpa Royal Arch Chapter - Odd Fellows: Crescent Lodge, Wildey Lodge, Wompatuck Encampment - Knights of Pythias: Delphi Lodge - Knights of Honor: Pilgrim Lodge - Weymouth Agricultural and Industrial Society - Other Organizations

Chapter 9: Business Enterprises - Mills: Waltham-Richards-Bates Mill, Tide Mill, Tirrell's Mill, Reed's Mill, Loud's Mill, Vinson's Mill, Dyer's Mill - Turnpikes: Weymouth and Braintree, New Bedford, Hingham and Quincy - Railroads: Old Colony, South Shore - Expresses - Telegraphs - Telephones - Financial Corporations - Banks: Union National, National of South Weymouth - Savings Banks: Weymouth, South Weymouth, and East Weymouth - Weymouth and Braintree Fire Insurance Company - Manufactures: Boots and Shoes - Weymouth Iron Company - Fish Company - Wymouth Commercial Company - Ice Companies - Bradley Fertilizer Company - Ship Building - Bay State Hammock Company - Howe and French - Fireworks - Mitten Factory - Miscellaneous

Chapter 10: Ministers of the First Church: William Morrell, Mr. Barnard, Joseph Hull, Thomas Jenner, Robert Lenthal, Samuel Newman, Thomas Thatcher, Samuel Torrey, Peter Thacher, Thomas Paine, William Smith, Jacob Norton, Josiah Bent Jr., John C. Phillips, Joshua Emery Jr., Franklin P. Chapin - Ministers of the Second Church: James Bayley, Simeon Williams

Chapter 11, Part I: Physicians of Weymouth: Early Medical History - Salisbury - Nicholas Byram - Thomas Thacher - Nathaniel White - James Hayward - Benjamin Richards - Daniel French - Lazarus Andrews Beale - Cotton Tufts - James Torrey - Thomas Vinson - James Lovell - Noah Fifield - Appleton Howe

Chapter 11, Part II: Physicians of Weymouth (continued): Appleton Howe - Jacob Richards - David Torrey - Timothy Gordon - Joseph Dorr - Ebenezer Turell Learned - Hervey Eliphaz Weston - George Fordyce Fifield - Charles Coffran - Daniel Lewis Gibbens - Josiah Ball - Ira H. Perry - Ephraim Lewis Warren - John Henry Gilbert - George Wyman Fay - William Cranch Bond Fifield - Lemuel Fuller - Charles Carroll Tower - Joseph Corlieu - Francis Flint Forsaith - Oliver Perry Piper - Moses Reuben Greely - Granville Wilson Tinkham - Roscoe Ellsworth Brown - John Chisholm Fraser - William Abram Drake - Joseph Porter Hodgdon - Norton Quincy Tirrell - William Fales Hathaway - Judson L. Beck - Mrs. Dr. Tuck - Mrs. Dr. Tirzah E. Goodwin

Chapter 12: Military Record, 1861-1865 [Civil War]


Appendix A: List of Hull Company

Appendix B: Indian Deed of Weymouth

Appendix C: Property Owners and Description of Property in 1643 - First Division, 1636 - Second Division, 1651 - List of 1663

Appendix D: Personal Sketches: Major James Humphrey, Gen. Solomon Lovell, Dr. Nathaniel Bayley, James Humphrey 3d, Esq., Gen, James L. Bates

Appendix E: Instructions to James Humphrey, Esq., 1765

Appendix F: List of Soldiers in the Revolutionary War