Jane Holbrook Jewell Scholarship

The Jane Holbrook Jewell Scholarship is awarded to one Weymouth resident who is pursuing post secondary education at an accredited college, junior college, university, or professional school. The scholarship award is a onetime payment in the amount of five hundred dollars.

The scholarship was established in recognition of Jane's dedication to preserving the history of the Town of Weymouth and further to recognize the long record of academic, cultural, professional, civic, and financial contributions made by the Holbrook family to the town of Weymouth and to the Weymouth Historical Society.


The scholarship is made possible by the generous contributions of Jane Holbrook Jewell and her cousin, the actor Hal Holbrook.

The recipient will be selected by the Scholarship Committee based on their tangible accomplishments in the area of history or drama. Examples include, but are not limited to, volunteering in a museum, a research report or publication focused on history or drama or participation in a theatrical performance. While it is hoped that the recipient will pursue a course of study in the field of history or drama, this is not a condition of the award. The Scholarship Committee recognizes that the post secondary education experience is a time to expand and explore career options.

Applicants are asked, in three brief paragraphs, to describe events or activities that the Committee should consider in making their selection. History or drama accomplishments will be judged on academic distinction, leadership skills, artistic and creative merit, and benefits to the community. The decision of the Committee is absolute and final. The Committee reserves the right to make or not make an award in any year for any or no reason.

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Applications for the 2022 Jane Holbrook Jewell Scholarship must be postmarked no later than March 30, 2022.

Application Instructions

1. You must be a Weymouth resident at the time of the application.
2. Fill out the application form with your personal information and educational information.
3. Please provide the names and contact information for three personal references.
4. Attach a one page, three paragraph summary of your activities and accomplishments in history or drama. Do not include your name or other identifying information on this page.
5. Forward the completed application by U.S. mail to: Weymouth Historical Society, P.O. Box 56, South Weymouth, MA 02190