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Weymouth Landing

Weymouth, Massachusetts


Corner of Washington & Commercial Streets looking North. Spire of the Union

Congressional Church is in distance.

1) There were boundary disputes a couple of times (at different points/areas) for several years in the Landing.  This boundary issue started in the early 1800's, lasting until just about the end of the 1800's. It also seemed to be some sort of issue with the census takers responsibility.  That is why you are seeing two addresses on the Census.

3) The Union Church [C.R. 3] was at the top of the Weymouth Landing; the boundary line for Weymouth and Braintree ran directly through the church.  It was the keeper of many of the Weymouth Landing residentís records.  The church burned in 1897 and was rebuilt a little further up making it now completely in Braintree.

4) Weymouth and Braintree were part of Suffolk County.  Both towns became Norfolk.



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