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 Weymouth Historical Museum (at Tufts Library) - CLOSED AS OF JUNE 2018

Due to the renovation of Tufts Library, the Weymouth Museum has closed.

Indian Dug-out canoe Exhibit

600+ Year old Indian Dug-out Canoe found at Great Pond

Butterflies & Bugs of the World Collection

A collection of Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, and Insects from around the World

Ladies Fan Collection

A large Collection of Beautiful Ladies Fans

The Kitchen Exhibit

A replica with Antiques of Kitchens Past

The Shoe Shop Exhibit

A replica with Antique Tools of the old Shoe Shops

Other exhibits include artifacts from our native folk, textiles, fire and police department memorabilia, glassware, nautical artifacts, memorabilia from the South Weymouth Naval Air Station, photos... and much, much more!



Weymouth Historical Society, 238 Park Ave, PO Box 56, South Weymouth, Massachusetts 02190

Tele: (781) 340-1022   


Founded in 1879

 Email: WeyHistorical@aol.com